Flux Drive Inc. designs and manufactures permanent magnet adjustable speed drives and couplings that increase the life and performance of rotating equipment.

FSCThe Flux Drive SmartCOUPLING is a flexible soft start coupling that provides energy savings through speed trimming on oversized loads.  By separating motor and load across an air gap, the SmartCOUPLING also completely eliminates vibration transfer and corrects for misalignment. 

Read the SmartCOUPLING article in the May 2014 issue of Pumps & Systems Magazine!

Canada ASDsThe Flux Drive Inline ASD and Belt-Pulley ASD are 100% mechanical solutions for dynamic adjustable speed, providing maximum process control and energy savings in addition to soft start, misalignment benefits, and the durability and reliablity to operate in any environment.

All Flux Drive products have been proven to reduce system maintenance cost and offer substantial energy savings.   Other benefits include:

> 98.5% efficient power transfer

> Lower utility demand charges

> Reduces vibration

> No harmonic interference

> Reduces system Noise

> Motor can be sized for the load

> Reduces life cycle costs

> 100% mechanical speed control device

> Operates in harsh environments

> Eliminates coupling failures

Less Vibration and Noise

Due to the torsionally disconnected design, vibration created by a traditional flexible coupling is eliminated; thereby increasing the life of all the machine's components. Since torque passes through air via magnetic flux, with no physical connection, no parts wear out due to normal operations.

Safe and Reliable

Flux Drive products provide safe and reliable operation in harsh environments.  A protective coating and simple efficient design guards against extreme temperature, moisture, seawater, salt air, and chemical corrosion. All couplings and drives meet international classification design standards.

Retrofit to Existing Motors

Flux Drive products easily retrofit to existing motors without upgrading to inverter duty. This innovative design accepts large degrees of misalignment. Alignment is performed by using a simple air gap spacer method. No expensive laser alignment system is needed.

Simple Efficient Design

With no electrical windings and no electricity creating the magnetism, no harmonics or power fluctuations interfere with operations.


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